Company profile

Our History Starts In 1953

CIMA Impianti was established in 1953 as a company manufacturing moulds for tyre retreading.

During the 70's, with the introduction of tyres with radial casing, the first presses of the Radial Pneus series were developed and manufactured.

From that moment the process was started which brought CIMA Impianti to be introduced into the international markets, where it became the major manufacturer of "turn-key" plants for tyre retreading.

During the 20 years from 1980 to 2000 it designed and realized machines aimed to satisfying a wider and more demanding clients, setting up relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation with the biggest new tyre manufacturers, for which, during the years and thanks to the efficiency and flexibility shown, it became sole supplier of presses and moulds for tyre retreading.

Applying its big experience in the field of tyre retreading to the production of new tyres, CIMA Impianti realised during the 90's, the first really innovative curing press for new tyres for which it received a recognition inside the LIFE program of the European Community.

During the last 10 years, CIMA Impianti devoted itself to the constant improvement of its products in order to make them always compliant to the market evolution and anticipating often the new requirements which would have been requested only years later by the customers.

CIMA Impianti also works for the steel industry sector where it developed considerable competence in designing, assembling and testing of plants for rod-mills and cutting-painting band machinery.

The premises cover an area of approx. 6000 square meters including factory and offices. In the same area, but with separate structures, also operate strategic sub-contractors.